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Articolo originale su Exposé Online – by Henry Schneider

Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori (G.A.S.) is an Italian prog rock group formed in 1997 that originally performed Le Orme covers. Now, after 25 years, they’ve released their first studio album, Omnia Sunt Communia. Today, G.A.S. is Claudio Barone (voice, bass, and mandolin), Andrea Imparato (saxophone and flute), Simone Galleni ( guitar and bass), Valter Bono (drums), Thomas Cozzani (synths), and Andrea Foce (piano and flute). Omnia Sunt Communia is one strong and powerful album and a testament to their shared 25 years of performing and composing Italian progressive music that incorporates elements of Le Orme, beautiful romantic textures, medieval music, cabaret music, and the darker side of Museo Rosenbach. The eight tracks showcase each musician. Personal favorites include “La Regina,” a two part piece with gentle piano and symphonic prog merging with acoustic guitar and vibes; “Il Sacco di Bisanzio” or in English “The Sack of Byzantium,” with its ethnic themes and galloping rhythm that culminates in crowd noises and the sound of fire consuming the city; “Beatrice,” a three-part piece that goes through numerous changes from Mid-Eastern themes to romantic symphonic prog ala Rick Wakeman, to organ arpeggios and a tasty bass, guitar, and drum jam; and the title track that closes the album with its rumbling ambient intro, distorted voices, Mellotron choirs, chanting monks, and cathedral organ to create a sinister dissonance. Hopefully it will not take an additional 25 years for G.A.S.’ next album.

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