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Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori: Honor the great old Italian bands.

Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori – Omnia Sunt Communia
Posted on 16. januar 2022 av Ulf Backstrøm in Nyheter, Snakk

Omnia Sunt Communia is the debut album from Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori, and very close to 50 minutes of music. The album is half way instrumental and the band honor the classic Italian old symphonic prog band with this well-crafted release.
Claudio Barone started in La Spezia Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori back in 1997. Barone previously played in a Le Orme Tribute band in the early 70’s.  During their concerts, the band often has guest musicians who are famous from the Italian 70’s prog scene and in 2021, they decided to release their first album.
The music is mostly awesome and so is also the production, and there are a fair amount of vintage prog vibes. The band offers folk and classical elements throughout the album and vintage semi-heavy prog.

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