About me

My name is Simone Galleni and I’m a software engineer based in Pisa, Italy – but I’m not from Tuscany. As you might know Italians are quite parochial people and probably I make no difference; I’m from La Spezia, one of the four cities of the Liguria region.
Ancient Romans started conquering their neighbours actually letting them to keep their traditions and gods, they just wanted to get money and resources from them as a tribute to the power of Rome; when they arrived by the Ligures they found the first tribe that didn’t want to be assimilated and only after a long and hard war Quinto Fabio Massimo got to win and conquer them. Well, this happened a lot of time ago, now things are far better…

I graduated in Engineering in Computer Science in Pisa (quite a bit of) time ago and then I found my working place here: Pisa is not perfect but it is a beautiful city, IMHO – it has a lot of art places, it’s full of young people due to the University, it’s near the sea, it has a pleasant climate and it’s near my birthplace… maybe I could find better places but hey, let’s don’t be too choosy!

I like working with software, playing and listening to music and spend time with my family, in particular with Federico, my son, who was born some years ago.

In case you wanted to contact me you can send me an email at simostro [at] gmail [dot] com